party in a pie

Outside of a none-too-exciting breakfast of toast, cottage cheese, and pear, I lifted not one little cooking finger today. Lunch was grabbed at Target when running errands with youngest child (love Target food-court pretzels so very much) and supper was a quick family meetup at Bakers Square before my husband’s meeting and my oldest’s musical rehearsal. (We had coupons for free kids meals, too.) I’m not a fan of chain restaurants, but have always loved Bakers Square coconut cream pie. Occasionally, I think I should try another flavor and tonight was one of them. The Square was advertising a new (to me) pie flavor–Celebration Pie. Chocolate sandwich cookie crumb crust, layer of confetti cake, ribbon of French silk pie filling, and whipped cream topping. The description brought birthday cake ice cream, which I love, to mind so I gave it a go.

Whenever I’ve tried to branch out with my Bakers Square pie order, I always regret it. To me, coconut cream is always better than the new and improved. No different tonight: Celebration Pie was a disappointment. It wasn’t bad–just not amazing, which is what a dessert should be to make it worth its calories. Yes, the crumb crust was buttery and crisp–yum. And the chocolate and whipped cream layers were tasty enough though not phenomenal. But, the cake layer was a snooze and the overall combination didn’t excite. Am thinking it could be done much better. (Why no ice-cream layer?) I remind myself (again) that branching out and trying new things–while admirable and often a good idea–can also be overrated. Sometimes it pays to stick with what you’ve always loved best.

In the spirit of all things pie, I found an American Pie Council (who knew?) site listing winners from the 2011 championships. These are the best of the best, folks. Check them out. I’d bet they even beat out Bakers Square’s coconut cream.


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