sweet and skinny fries

There’s something sexy about sweet potato fries. They have more flavor than their white brethren and they’re more colorful, too. I also love that they’re more nutritious than traditional French fries. (loads more vitamin A and a bit more fiber)

A stint as home economist at a neighborhood grocery store introduced me to Alexia Sweet Potato Julienne Fries–one of the store’s most popular items. Sweet potato fries can also be amazing when done right at a restaurant (i.e. not soggy or too thick). But they’re so easy to make that it’s a shame not to toss up a batch at home.

A recent purchase of beautiful baby sweet potatoes from Trader Joe’s meant it was time to do just that. I cut the potatoes into small strips and didn’t peel. (I never peel–too much work.) The potatoes were tossed with just enough olive oil to coat and a touch of salt, then roasted in a 425°F oven until soft and tender. The full coating of oil ensured crispy outsides and the high heat meant pillow-soft insides. And the skinny cut helped them cook up in only about 20 minutes. Perfect–tasty and simple. A sexy way to eat well.

homespun sweet potato fries


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