the List and the dari-ette

Today my youngest and I waved my oldest daughter off to Girl Scout camp, then made plans to check off another fun food spot on my List.

Most folks seem to have Bucket Lists and for good reason. It’s smart to be purposeful about what you hope to accomplish in a lifetime. No Bucket List for me, though. My List comprises all of the many restaurants and food trucks in Minneapolis/St. Paul that I hope to visit.

This List isn’t written down, but mention of a restaurant that intrigues puts the spot on my List. I’m fully aware that I’ll never make all of the places on my List. I’ve also seen restaurants shutter before I’ve had a chance to stop by. But over the past three or four years, I’ve slowly ticked off a fair number of new restaurants. And for someone with young kids, it pleases me very much that I’ve made the effort to get out there.

So about today: The weather was amazing; it seemed a good day for a drive-in. I’ve read reviews of the Dari-ette, said to be one of the last remaining true drive-ins in the area, and figured this was absolutely the day to hunt it down.

The building was on the rickety side, but had plenty of character. My daughter wanted spaghetti (the menu leaned heavily toward old-school Italian-American), so I ordered a side of that with my turkey sandwich. The best part was the ice cream, of course. My Heath bar flurry had ribbons of hot fudge sauce and my daughter’s root beer float was lovely.

turkey sandwich, side of spaghetti, Heath bar flurry

We ate on a step near our car as the four outdoor tables were taken, and when I looked up at the vintage Dari-ette Drive-in sign with the amazingly blue sky behind it, I was crazy happy. Something about making it out to another fun, independently owned food venue, and sharing these moments with my daughter, thrilled me. An overly intense reaction to lunch at a drive-in, maybe, but for me, trying a new restaurant is something that matters.

Perhaps my List is simply a Bucket List for someone who loves all things food. Definition aside, I look forward to continuing to move through this list and am glad today offered me (and my daughter) another chance to explore.

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