an awesome burger

I do 99% of the meal prep in our house, if only because I like to be in charge of what we eat. When I’m grocery shopping and making breakfast, lunch, and supper, I can make the meals I enjoy and feel good about putting on the table.

But sometimes I wonder if I should back off and let my hubby do some of the cooking. He’s a decent cook and while not as adventurous and health-driven as I (raised on meat-and-potatoes he was), can still pull off a great meal. His latest: Tomato-Topped Burgers.

Yesterday, I returned home from a long bike ride just after noon. Realizing what time it was on the ride, I’d made mental plans to quickly pull together turkey sandwiches with sliced garden tomatoes and sides of carrot and cucumber sticks and watermelon slices once home. But opening our front door, I was greeted with an amazing waft of savory. Hubby was grilling burgers.

My daughters and I agree that his burgers are the best. They’re seasoned with salt, pepper, and a brush-on marinade he picked up from his mom. (Measurements are never taken, but it’s a glug or so each of soy sauce, red wine, and Worcestershire mixed with a dash of garlic powder or salt.) Not only had he grilled his fantastic burgers, but he’d covered each patty with a thick slice of a just-picked tomato while they grilled. The juices from the tomatoes kept the lean burgers moist and the tomatoes themselves cooked down slightly, rendering them extra tender and even more richly flavored. The texture and flavor combo was brilliant.

I was impressed with the difference that the simple addition of a tomato slice made. The burgers were awesome and made me think that maybe I should let hubby do more of the meal prep. Even though I love being in charge in the kitchen, it was a great pleasure to be treated to an amazing meal.


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