ice cream with attitude

A few years back, my husband and I were in San Fransisco for a wedding. Prior to the trip, I’d seen mention of a San Fransisco ice cream shop flavor called Secret Breakfast in Bon Appetit. SB boasted bourbon and crumbled cornflake cookies and was sold at Humphry Slocombe. Knowing I would soon be in San Fran, I promised myself a visit and taste of what sounded like an amazing flavor.

Of course I forgot the article with the shop’s name and address when we headed to California, but armed with phone book and GPS, my husband and I found Humphry Slocombe, home of Secret Breakfast. Parking not to be found, husband dropped me off and drove around the block until I returned from the funky little shop with what I had come for. Secret Breakfast was lovely indeed, one of my all-time favorite food memories.

Imagine my thrill when I saw that Humphry Slocombe now had a cookbook. And imagine this thrill multiplying when I saw it included the recipe for the bourbon-and-cornflake flavor I’d enjoyed at the shop. This discovery led to me eventually buying the book as well as an ice cream maker.

Yesterday, I churned my first batch from the book. With its 1/2 cup bourbon, Secret Breakfast remained relatively soft even after 20 minutes of churning. Following the recipe instructions exactly (so not my strong point) meant I strained the custard and aged it overnight before running it through the machine. The resulting flavor-packed, rich, sweet, creamy, and smooth ice cream made the extra steps and time well worth it.

Amazing ice cream recipes are easy to find these days. But if you like attitude with your food, I highly recommend hunting down the HS cookbook and reading it first page to last. Like its namesake retail shop, it’s full of sass, inspiration, and recipes that wow.

bourbon and cornflakes–a secret breakfast indeed

2 thoughts on “ice cream with attitude

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  2. I would definitely love the recipe. Alcohol prevents overcharging in ice cream and creates a velvety texture – plus, bourbon just takes good. The trip to SF sounds fun. Have nice day, Liz. Thanks for sending me this link and sharing. – Shanna


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