foodie art

The premise of this blog has always been to highlight my fun food finds. Totally subjective, I suppose, but the hope is that there are others who share my sense of what is fun. Posts most often include thoughts on restaurant meals or food made at home along with occasional mention of a cookbook or cocktail. Today, I widen the scope and write up my youngest daughter’s art project.

This year, I signed on as “art helper” in my first-grader’s classroom. (Extremely ironic if you know me, as I’m not artistic at all.) Another mom plans and leads the lessons; my job is to help with set-up, clean up, and everything that happens in between. Today the kids were learning about Frida Kahlo and her still-life paintings. Kahlo is my all-time favorite painter. (I didn’t say I didn’t appreciate art, just that I’m not good at it.) She led an extraordinary and fascinating life and I was looking forward to seeing what the lesson would involve.

As any lesson for a class of six-year-olds should be, this one was simple. A nicely put-together fruit bowl sat in the front of the class as inspiration and the students were given cut-up fruit along with same-color paint.

fruit as inspiration

supplies needed

They stamped fruit onto their papers, then glued on  pre-cut “table” and “bowl.” Nothing to it. I enjoyed watching the kids build their fruit bowls (most were pretty crazy) and loved the idea of stamping fruit patterns using real fruit.

final project

As I saw the paint-soaked fruit pieces piling up in the trash, I cringed at so much uneaten food being thrown away. What a waste, right? But I quickly realized that the fruit had most decidedly not been wasted. It had been used to teach kids about an influential artist and it had been used to make sweet little fruit bowls that would adorn school walls, then eventually hang on refrigerators. The fruit may not have been eaten, but it made something beautiful happen. How fun is that?


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