diy for a hot breakfast

Cream of Rice wins no prizes in my book. For one, it’s a bit of a snore in appearance and flavor. As well, it doesn’t have much going for it nutritionally. (True, it’s enriched and such, so a better breakfast choice than some.) Just the same, it’s my husband’s favorite hot cereal, so that little orange cream-of-rice box is a staple in our kitchen.

I would never presume to tell my husband how to eat–he’s a grown man and I’m not his mom. But my girls–to whom I am mom and would presume to tell how to eat–have also learned to love this ho-hum breakfast food. I’m more inclined to make oatmeal or other whole-grain breakfast cereals, but cream-of-rice goes in the rotation. I dutifully keep the cupboard full, replacing the small, spendy box when it’s empty.

Just this morning a box was emptied and I wondered–in the spirit of all things DIY Kitchen–if I could make a homemade version. What did it contain besides rice? A glance at the ingredient list surprised me: Cream of rice contains ONLY rice. Granulated rice, to be precise, but I had rice and the means to “granulate” (see grain mill post). I could make cream of rice.

And oh, what an easy task this was. Rice was ground (doing it myself means I can use brown rice, making this much healthier fare),

just plain brown rice

just plain brown rice

grain mill attachment for stand mixer

grain mill attachment for stand mixer

rice powder shooting into the bowl

rice powder falling falling falling

then cooked in twice its cup amount of water along with a smidgen of salt. In just minutes, it cooked up into what looked to be exactly cream of rice (albeit a bit darker because of the brown rice). Topped with milk and cinnamon-sugar, it was a dead ringer for packaged.

homemade cream of (brown) rice drizzled with cream, dusted with cinnamon-sugar

homemade cream of (brown) rice drizzled with milk, dusted with cinnamon-sugar

I was tempted to put my homemade cereal in the box just emptied and pass it off as store-bought, but it had already been tossed in recycling. Still, I’ll serve it to the family with no mention of its source and see if they notice a difference. I’ll come clean eventually, but hope it passes the test. This healthier and far less expensive version of cream of rice wins with me.

4 thoughts on “diy for a hot breakfast

    • I have been contemplating buying a vitamix. Spendy, though, yes? What all do you do with yours? I’m not much for juicing, but love the idea of keeping all of the nutrients in grains and produce.

  1. That’s awesome! It’s always fun to make something at home instead of buying it — for both the sense of accomplishment and savings but also because you can make it healthier. And it’s such an eye opener when you realize what’s actually in the product you’ve been buying. I’ll be curious if your family catches on!

    • So the epilogue is that I didn’t fool anyone:-( My husband asked me why I made him cream of wheat. lol. But top with enough butter (or half-and-half) and cinnamon-sugar and no one cares. Totally agree re: DIY sense of accomplishment, save $$, make healthier. 🙂


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