banana bread fiesta

Seems there’s a lot of banana bread being served in the blogosphere. A quick WordPress search brought me loaves of the traditional, gluten-free, cheater version, tricked out, über-healthy, and even out-of-the-box “loaves” such as muffins and granola (!). Foodforfun’s history with banana bread goes deep as well, with posts on banana flatbread, copy-cat loaf, soynut banana bread, banana chip-studded bread, and the most recent movie-star version. Even blogs not solely dedicated to food feature banana bread as seen in this crazy story of poutine, romance, and peanut butter chocolate-chip banana bread.

WordPress representing only a teeny tiny sliver of the recipe universe, there are most certainly an infinite number of recipes for banana bread. Funny thing, though: we’re always hungry for more. There must be many who, like me, love trying new banana bread recipes and never settle on a favorite. This post, then, is written for you.

Needing to feed my sourdough starter and also having discovered a bag of overripe bananas in my freezer, I could sense a sourdough banana bread in my very near future. Whispers of “chocolate” in my head steered me to google “sourdough chocolate banana bread.” C Mom Cook‘s lovely blog popped up with exactly the recipe I was looking for. Besides subbing in 1/4 cup whole wheat flour for the white, using chopped-up Easter chocolate instead of the chocolate chips, and sprinkling the unbaked loaves with chocolate salt, I stayed true to C Mom’s recipe.

The resulting loaves (I doubled the recipe) were Wows–rich and tangy, not too sweet, plenty of banana. It’s likely not a banana bread for the masses, but rather a loaf for those who like their quick breads on the dense side and very much enjoy sourdough. I’ve moved it to the top of my list of favorite banana breads, but imagine it will be displaced sooner rather than later by a newly discovered recipe for this quick bread classic.

doubling the pleasure of sourdough chocolate banana bread

doubling the pleasure of sourdough chocolate banana bread

even Mickey is sweet on this banana bread

even Mickey is sweet on this banana bread

21 thoughts on “banana bread fiesta

    • Love that you found this, Jake! I live not too many miles from Golden Fig, home of the chocolate salt, but couldn’t find the salt on Laurie’s store site for a link. Glad you had a picture of it on yours. Looks like you have a lovely market.

  1. This sounds so yummy! Also – chocolate salt?!? Holy bananas That’s BRILLIANT. I can just imagine the flavour it added!!

    And thank you for the poutine shout out 😀

    • Hey, am all about the poutine shout outs so you’re welcome 😉 Huge fan of chocolate salt–it’s especially amazing on vanilla ice cream and also sprinkled on cookie dough before it bakes up. Had two slices of this banana bread for breakfast and it occurs to me now that it was pretty much the equivalent of having two pieces of chocolate cake 0-: Oh the bliss.

      • That sounds much better than what I had for breakfast yesterday – I’ll have to do some baking on the weekend to find some chocolate breakfast bliss of my own 🙂 Whoohoo!

  2. That banana bread looks fantastic! I’ve never tried a sourdough quick bread – looks like I need to get on that 🙂 Thanks for the shout out to The Coers Family!

    • Glad to meet you, Amanda and thanks for connecting with me on facebook, etc. I was amazed at the variety of b-bread recipes that popped up with a quick “banana bread” search. Yours look especially fun as it’s on another twist on the traditional 🙂 Looking forward to checking out your site.

  3. I love sourdough bread & sourdough banana bread sounds equally tasty & divine too! I love the interior look of those special banana breads! Waw, even! Yum too!

    • Thanks, Sophie. I’ve long enjoyed making sourdough banana bead–the flavors combine nicely. This is my first time adding chocolate and it put it waaaaasay over the top. Am finding (too) many excuses to eat it 🙂 Do you bake with sourdough?

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