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A few months back, I happened upon a blog I connected with instantly. Andi, a.k.a. The Weary Chef, is mom to two little ones and enjoys playing with her food while building her virtual empire complete with facebook page, tweets, pinterest boards, and lots of other icons I don’t know but am sure lead to great fun. She strives to put homemade meals on her table–and provides readers with the recipes for those meals–and I absolutely connect with all of that.

What got me really excited, though, was her Happy Hour. Each Friday, Andi posts an original cocktail and I was enamored enough to mention it in a previous post here, pledging to recreate her Friday beverages to the best of my pantry’s ability.

Though I never again mentioned it at foodforfun, I’ve been faithfully recreating The Weary Chef’s cocktail each Friday on my deLizious facebook page. If  you’re already on board, thank you for that (!), and you’ve perhaps seen these drinks before. But if facebook isn’t your thing, a recap of food for fun’s take on The Weary Chef’s Happy Hour is in order:

my first TWC Happy Hour

my first TWC Happy Hour

This was my first attempt to recreate Andi’s concoctions, and I was thrilled with the results. Not only did I match her ingredient for ingredient (save using whipped cream vodka instead of plain vodka, though wouldn’t do again as my drink was just a touch too sweet), but I even had a similar glass for photo.

I was over-the-moon with this one as I’d just ordered it the weekend before at a fancy-pants restaurant. I’d also seen mention of this classic cocktail in one of my favorite reads: Boozehound On the Trail of the Rare, The Obscure, and the Overrated in Spirits. Here I matched her on all ingredients and it was a lovely drink for sure.Aviate

deLizious facebook sat this one out as it was Easter weekend and my mother-in-law’s pantry is less well-stocked than my own. But being at my mother-in-law’s had other rewards, as it was she who introduced me to the pink squirrel. Here’s what we made that weekend.

usually use fat-free half-and-half, but at the  in-law's it's ice cream all the way!

usually use fat-free half-and-half, but at the in-law’s it’s ice cream all the way!

not much green at all

not much green at all

With so much greenery, this drink was prettier than it sounds. Yet without Coitnreau, cucumber, and fresh basil, I ended up with an entirely different drink detailed here in facebook archives:

“Lacking pretty much everything for The Weary Chef’s Green Quencher, I had to make a few changes. This one (gently) muddles 2 strawberries, a few (frozen) basil leaves, 2 parsley sprigs, cut-up tiny lime. Topped with 2 ounces vodka, 1 ounce Chambord, and seltzer to the top. It was sweeter than what TWC served up and probably a bit more intense, but still mighty tasty. Will call this one the Berry-Lime Smash.”

Seems odd that the two Happy Hours I’ve had to miss have both been sangrias, but there you have it. I was busy doing art-y like things for my girls’ school that day (not to be confused with doing real art for which I am unqualified) and also into the evening for their Art Show. Fortunately, the art-program ladies cap off their night at a local restaurant known for its Rudy-tinis. Served with a side of champagne, this drink is–in the words of a facebook commenter– “four drinks in one.” While not my beverage of choice that night, I snapped a photo and put it up on deLiz facebook so Andi would know I at least tried.

yep, four drinks in one

yep, four drinks in one

oldfashionedAndi was especially clever with this one, taking a classic and giving it a fruity spin. And because bourbon always wins with me, I was thrilled to have an excuse to open a bottle. No pineapple on hand (though by now Andi was dropping hints via messaging that I might need certain ingredients on hand come Friday), I subbed in kiwi and used a bit of strawberry juice for the pineapple juice. I liked mine well enough, but would have also liked to have tasted her version.

TWC's was more pink than mine

TWC’s was more pink than mine

Here’s where I outdid myself: I had both sake and rose water on hand–no hint needed! (Though no canned pineapple for the previous week’s cocktail. Go figure.) This one rated “tastes like a flower!” in my comment to Andi and is a light and pretty little cocktail–think bridal shower or garden party.

Because I’d (finally) caught Andi’s hint, a bottle of Pimm’s was on my shelf when I saw her Happy Hour post that week. This one is my favorite thus far–lots of tang and fruit and sweet. Refreshing and perfect for summer. Also got the most deLiz facebook comments, making it a crowd favorite as well. (That said, my husband wasn’t a fan. ??)

summer in a glass

summer in a glass

a touch too pink to pass as a snickerdoodle

a touch too pink to pass as a snickerdoodle

She used Goldschläger, I used cinnamon liqueur. Hers was white, mine was pink. She had vanilla vodka, I had tuaca. My version didn’t look a thing like her original, but was still sweet and yummy. Very much a dessert beverage.

So there you have it–Happy Hour with the Weary Chef as told by deLizious and food for fun. I invite you to stop over at deLiz facebook page Friday afternoons for whatever Andi puts together next. Or start at Andi’s page and work your way over to mine. I remember posting a while back about wanting to expand my repertoire of fun and tasty cocktails and now as I write this, realize my goal is being met. Many thanks to Andi at TWC for helping me along. (Another rockin’ cocktail shout-out goes to Putney Farms for some of the most gorgeous sippers I’ve seen.) Cheers to all!

42 thoughts on “happy hour @ foodforfun

  1. You are too much, Liz! Thanks for your high praise, and I love this very fun post showcasing your versions of these cocktails with their beautiful photos. I also love the comment about your family thinking you are crazy for making weekly cocktails because I have always imagined you home alone having a special drink before your kids are home from school! (This may be because my Happy Hour post is usually posted around 10:30 am PST.) Cheers to you, Liz! xoxo

    • haha–did I plug you enough, Andi? It did seem a bit over the top, but that’s how I roll 😉 Quite honestly, I’m running out of things to write up (what could possibly top that pony cake, lol) so am leaning on other bloggers until my muse kicks in again.

      My Fridays turned in to a bit of a rat race when started up with my youngest’s art program. (again, just a warm body to pass out crayons etc as I don’t do art so well) Also, lots of end of year programs on Fri afternoons. I make your drink, snap a photo, maybe have a sip, then am off and running. My best (most productive, haha) Happy Hours of late have been Girls’ Night Outs with friends. But I love seeing what you come up with and love the challenge of putting it together on my end. Teamwork! And my family thinks I’m crazy for many reasons 😉

  2. A post after my own heart! Love how you’re determined to recreate the cocktails — or maybe you’re just thirsty. No matter the reason, it’s a mighty fine line-up.

    • Determined is a better word than thirsty as the sad reality is I often don’t get to drink (all of) what I make, having to run off to pick up my girls from school. Though I love having so many new recipes at hand and also the collaboration. Thanks for your kind words, John!

    • keep in mind this was a 2ish month project, so had lots of time. I can help by bringing one over each time I’m over at your place, though then there’s that pesky problem of not really being able to drink it, being that it’s a virtual thing and all… You’ve got the recipe links anyway. Thanks for coming by and am glad to see you’ve moved past that whole Urban Shocker debacle.

  3. Liz!! How much do I love that we both have drinks on our (online) minds today?!? Our virtual bond continues, my friend. Meanwhile, I am totally bookmarking this post to bring up the next time I’m having a party. These all sound delicious, though I’m especially intrigued by the Snickerdoodle …. cinnamon liqueur, YUM.

    • was thinking after reading your post that you could stop by my happy hour for a virtual hair-of-the-dog to get you through 😉 Thanks for coming over on such a nutty morning. You look good even with those sunglasses on and that little latte stain on your shirt. (gotcha 😉 haha) Hope you have a good day for real, friend amb.

      • LOL!!! Liz, no word of a lie, I totally looked down to check my shirt after I read that. You just made my morning!! Off to refill my water bottle and then I’ll return for an Alan Doyle scuttlebutt session 😉

    • awwww..thank you 🙂 though I think there’s a fine line between “passionate and determined” and “a little bit nuts.” I like your phrasing much better!

    • Thanks, Sam. Hadn’t looked it this way before, but there’s a good variety of recipes, covering different occasions, moods, etc. That Weary Chef knows what she’s doing 🙂 Please let me know what you make as I’d love to see the (cocktail) chain continue.

  4. You have been busy! Lots of good stuff here. And the cool thing about cocktails is that you can alter recipes based on what you have- then you get all-new drinks. Some may end up better than the original…

    • Yes, that’s why it’s been so much fun to follow Andi–I have the challenge of recreating as-is or going the other way and having to take it a different direction. I’d love to make your cocktails, but am usually missing something important (and slightly obscure). Speaking of, have you read Boozehound? Highly recommend if you have not.

      Thanks for your comment. I wish you luck in your war with the varmints.

  5. Oh man — those all look so good, I’m drooling. I especially love Pimm’s so I think I’ll have to give that ginger lime concoction a try. I also think it makes drinks taste like “summer in a glass.” yum!

      • was hoping you’d enjoy this post, J as it seemed a good fit. Please take a picture of whatever you make in your rooster glass and post it on my (or Weary Chef’s) facebook page. Too funny that you have a set. I swear vintage glassware makes a good cocktail taste even better 🙂 Let me know what you try!

    • Thanks, Kev. So glad you’re here and you’ve hopped on board for fun food adventures. If you’re a facebook chap, please hit Like on that as well as there’s more food (and drink) to be found there. Do you have a blog? Was looking, but could not find. Again, thanks for stopping by and your comment. Love having visitors.

    • I’ve done my job, then, Dave. Your grinning self is always welcome here 🙂 (or even your non-grinning self–grin not required) Thanks for the kind words!

    • Thanks, Deb 🙂 Glad you liked–sometimes a cocktail can make things more fun for sure If you do try any of them, please let me know. You can post it on the deLizious facebook page and we’ll keep the train going 😉 Great to have you here…

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