amazing muffins and crazy ice cream part II

super muffins, DIY ice cream, and salted caramel sauce--it doesn't get any better than this

super muffins, DIY ice cream, and salted caramel sauce–it doesn’t get any better than this

Last week, food for fun featured a muffin recipe that had knocked my socks off. But the post was left only partially complete as there had also been mention of combining the much-loved muffins with vanilla ice cream. What with my fondness for homemade ice cream, this wasn’t a casual statement. I was going to make that ice cream. The tale picks up here…

bake sale goodies

bake sale goodies

A few weekends back, I worked at a culinary garage sale for Les Dames d’Escoffier. Money was raised for Urban Roots, an amazing local inner city youth gardening program, and it was a fun way to spend a Saturday. There were bake sale treats to be enjoyed as well as fun kitchen and garden items looking for new homes.

Though officially working  the sale, I managed to find a good number of items that needed their new home to be mine. One such purchase was Cooking Wizardry for KidsPublished in 1990, this old-school spiral-bound gem offers basic-but-fun recipes and sweet cartoon illustrations. The Make Your Own Favorite Restaurant Food chapter dates the book especially with recipes for exotica such as milkshakes, pizza, chicken nuggets, tacos, burgers, sub sandwiches, and salad bars. (Though the chicken stir-fry was probably quite progressive at the time.)

In that same chapter were two recipes for ice cream. One used only a blender, and I’ll be giving it a whirl eventually. But the other, subtitled “With a Microwave Oven and an Ice Cream Freezer,” intrigued me most. It cooks the custard base (which contains flour of all things) in the microwave, chills it, then churns in an ice cream maker. Turns out the method works well.

This ice cream easily accompanies Super Muffins and would pair well with cake or cookies, too. It would also be lovely topped sundae-style or served solo. However enjoyed, this ice cream wins Best Garage Sale Find Ever.

Make-Your-Own Ice Cream Project (With a Microwave Oven and Ice Cream Freezer)

I’ve topped it here with a recipe from Lilly Sue and her fab Bites and Brews–her chocolate beer sauce is a revelation. Lovely poured over ice cream, it’s also worth drinking by the cupful. This stuff made me swoon.

  • 1/2 cup sugar
  • 1 1/2 teaspoons all-purpose flour
  • 1/8 teaspoon salt
  • 1 cup milk
  • 1 large egg
  • 1 cup heavy cream
  • 2 teaspoons vanilla extract

In 1-quart glass measure, mix sugar, flour, and salt. Stir in 1/4 cup milk until smooth. Stir in remaining 3/4 cup milk. Microwave on HIGH 2 minutes. Stir well. Microwave on HIGH 3 minutes longer; stir. (Mixture should be smooth and slightly thickened.)

In small bowl, beat egg lightly. Pour small amount of hot milk mixture into egg, stirring constantly. Whisk egg mixture into hot milk mixture until smooth. Microwave on HIGH 30 seconds; stir. If mixture is not yet beginning to boil, return to microwave for another 30 seconds. Cover; refrigerate at least one hour, but preferably overnight. (Mixture must be thoroughly chilled before churning.)

Before churning custard, whisk in cream and vanilla. Process according to ice cream freezer manufacture’s instructions. Makes 2 cups.

26 thoughts on “amazing muffins and crazy ice cream part II

    • Yes, either/or is not optional 😉 The microwave (and flour) threw me and was thrilled to have it work out well. And that sauce? Could not stop eating it. Wishing you more self-control than I had 🙂

  1. I’ve been eagerly awaiting to see what made the ice cream so special — I was thinking it was a crazy Humphry Slocombe recipe. This definitely was a surprise — a microwave? Never would have thought! Glad it turned out so well and i’m totally heading over to Lilly Sue’s page now for that recipe. Sounds right up my beer-lovin’ alley!

    • gasp–hadn’t realized there were expectations here o-: The flavor wasn’t bizarre (though it was extremely tasty), but so weird to have flour and be nuked. But it was maybe easier to temper, etc as I often have to strain my custard to get out the cooked egg bits and there were none here. Yes, the beer choc sauce is incredible. Posted on her site and deLiz facebook that I’m only kidding a little bit when I say I like the sauce better than my family.

      Glad you were here for part 2. Now I’m waiting on your “to be continued” as I want to know the identity of your special guest 🙂

  2. The flour does surprise me a little too… It saddens me to think of pizza or chicken nuggets as “exotic food”. I never realized that I was so close to a pizza-less or chicken nugget-less childhood!

    • I remember when chicken nuggets were first introduced at McD’s and the big deal that it was. A new food! (of course now know that calling it “food” is a bit of a stretch–haha) Yep, things have changed and are still changing. Some day our kids will look back on this era and think it’s all incredibly dated–food included. Wonder what we’ll be eating? Then again, things tend to cycle. Care to make any predictions? 😉

      • I’m not sure that the foods will change, but the way we buy them will change. Mostly, I expect things to become even more geared towards time-saving (and more expensive!) foods. For example, I ran into this gem on the internet the other day:
        Pre-peeled hard-boiled eggs?! Seems really gross to me (and lazy ~ahem~), but I think that is the direction things are headed. Next will be pre-toasted toast. And boxes of cereal will have to be stored in the refrigerated section, because the milk will already be mixed in with the cereal. Hey, it may be soggy, but it’s a time-saver!

  3. Never mind the chocolate beer sauce – you make me swoon. Combining your love of all things food with volunteering for an awesome cause and getting a fantastic blog post out of it too? I love it. I love it so. much.

    I’ve never had homemade ice cream before, and this is really, really making me want to try some! 🙂

    • Aw, thanks, amb. I don’t have a regular volunteer gig like this other Canadian blogger I know *clears throat, looks pointedly at amb*, but this LDEI sponsors Urban Roots so there are often opportunities to help. This summer I team-teach a second-annual chicken class with a fellow member who raises chickens. It’s a blast.

      I so wish we were neighbors as I would make ice cream and bring some over to share. It’s way better homemade and since buying the ice cream maker I’ve been turning my nose up at regular store-bought stuff. Though that beer chocolate sauce would fix up just about anything!

      • Oh my goodness, that sounds amazing! You’re going to write a post about your chicken class this summer, right? Right?!? 😉

        You realize, don’t you, that if we were neighbours I would be over at your place all of the time. All the time! Homemade ice cream or not – you’re stuck with me now Liz! 🙂

        I know what you mean about homemade vs. store bought. I’m the same way with a lot of baked goods – I just can’t handle prepackaged cookies anymore (unless they’re tagalongs 😉 )

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  5. Wow, ice-cream in a microwave! Sadly my microwave broke a few years ago, never to be replaced! Love the idea though! Also love that you managed to acquire some new treasures while working!

    • Good to see you, Jayne. Microwaves are good for a re-heat, but the microwave cooking craze seems to be history, so I’d imagine you’re doing fine without your machine 🙂 Appreciate your comments much!

  6. You’re crazy. And creative. And cute 🙂
    I should not have popped over your ice cream post as just the word ‘ice cream’ leaves me speechless, helpless. Until I have it 🙂

    • am hoping you see this as a good crazy 😉 Many thanks for the kind words. I am the same way about ice cream, too. The good thing about making it yourself is you get spoiled and turn down a lot of what’s sold in stores. If you only eat really good ice cream, maybe you’ll eat less ice cream overall? Dunno–just a theory. Glad you’re here!


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