another funny name in food and how the cookie crumbles

Because last summer’s family camping trip went far better than expected, my husband and I committed to doing it again. We stayed closer to home this year, hitting Duluth for a few days, then traveling north to camp at one of the mind-blowingly gorgeous state parks on Minnesota’s North Shore. I’d taken a page (literally, I tore out a page) from our local paper’s Taste section featuring dining musts in Duluth, so with a car crammed with kids, camping gear, and plenty of food, we hit the highway.

Great fun (and food) followed and I’d hoped to post a recap this week. But re-entry has been tough, so instead I’ll simply ask you to (please) hop over to the latestΒ Funny Names in Food installment for the story of sweet treats.

Though don’t think I’d leave you without at least a little bit more. I offer another story here, this one of crazily crafted cake pops.

cookie "cake" pops

cookie “cake” pops

A recent batch of chocolate raspberry cookies impressed me greatly and I added the two dozen or so that were left to our stash of camping food. They were soft cookies, so I shouldn’t have been surprised when they crumbled into cookie dust during transport. (Ziploc bags only provide so much cushion.) I briefly considered throwing the lot, but remembered the spendy chocolate and fresh berries they contained. Surely there was a use for them.

And there was: cake pops! A cup or so of leftover chocolate frosting waiting for me at home was just enough to moisten the cookie crumbs. The mixture was then formed into balls, dipped in melted chocolate that had been thinned with coconut oil, and rolled in sprinkles and sugars. While not “pretty” Γ  la Martha Stewart, they’re cute in their own rough and tumble way. And more importantly, they taste phenomenal. Combining cookie crumbs, homemade buttercream frosting, and melted chocolate could never be anything but knock-your-socks-off dreamy.

I’ll sign off now as I imagine you need to find some cookies to crumble so you have an excuse to make cake pops. Please return next week as we’ll be showing Food for Fun: The Camping Edition. πŸ™‚

45 thoughts on “another funny name in food and how the cookie crumbles

    • Thanks, Princess πŸ™‚ I can see Helena tucking into a few of these what with her love of chocolate! Resourceful works especially well in the kitchen, yes.

  1. I’ve never had chocolate raspberry cookies – thought I did make one ill-fated attempt to make cream cheese- and raspberry-filled chocolate cookies. (the chocolate cookie dough that I was supposed to roll into balls with my hands came out the consistency of mousse. All I accomplished was smearing cookie dough all over my hands. I was NOT happy.

    • Maybe you should have run those mousse-covered hands through your hair? Just a thought πŸ˜‰ (hair mousse, get it? haha)

      The co-op I worked at those many years ago offered a killer chocolate chip-fresh raspberry cookie and I wish I’d thought to copy the recipe. I haven’t been able to find another like it in all of my google searching. This batch was a chocolate base and while delish, wasn’t what I was looking for. For sure the search will continue.

      Always good to see you here–how’s the new house situation? Enjoying the kitchen?

      • It probably WOULD have worked well on my hair…but getting it out would probably be a pain.
        I really like the 2 ladies I’m living with, and it’s very different from my last living situation. Before, I pretty much never saw my roommates, and now…we actually talk and do things together! ~gasp~
        Right now the house is in utter turmoil because all the rooms downstairs are being repainted, and the owner keeps buying more furniture/curtains/wallpaper/decorations every day. So, I have not been able to utilize the kitchen properly since there is barely room to walk, let alone cook anything major. Things should calm down after this weekend though, so I’m excited!

  2. Sounds like you all will have fun camping, what a great family vacation. Kids (adults too) just love cake pops, they really are fun and delicious and using the cookie crumbs for the cake pops is a great idea and brilliant way to re-purpose. Sounds delicious!!

    • Check back in next week for the camping report πŸ™‚ Though it’s really a food report, of course. Yes, cake pops are for kids of any age. Love re-purposing in the kitchen as it hurts too much to throw food out. Would bet you’re the same way.

      Have you recovered from your cooking marathon? Appreciate you coming over!

      • Can’t wait to hear how the camping trip was! Yes I am exactly the same way. Hate wasting food and the cake pops sound like a really delicious and creative way to use the cookies that crumbled.
        I am recovered thank you so much.

    • Yes, the cake pops went over well–between my two daughters we have three slumber parties this week, so there are many cake pop serving opportunities! Wish I could hand them out to fellow bloggers, too πŸ™‚ Thanks for coming by as I love having you here.

    • Is Fannie going to get crafty? Be sure to share pictures πŸ™‚ I’m still of the mind that summer is forever. Fall who?

      So glad you’ve come to the (cake pop) party!

  3. Homemade chocolate buttercream frosting?!?! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ That’s it, I’m coming over. I’ll help A and C get ready for school. I’ll pack lunches. I’ll feed Phil. Whatever it takes! Just don’t eat it all before I get there … please? πŸ˜€

    • πŸ™‚ We do tend to be in the Red Zone for high-cal sweets around here which can be good or bad depending on perspective. If all it takes is buttercream to get you over here, I’ll whip up another batch tonight! We’d plan on waiting on YOU hand and foot of course. Though you’re welcome to feed Phil. Have another cricket story for you later. *shudder*

    • Thanks, Ada. Seemed a natural fit as the cookie crumbs were exactly the same texture of cake crumbs. And the frosting was sitting in our fridge leftover from another baking project. Baking kismet πŸ™‚

  4. Cake, frosting, and chocolate are bound to be a hit with kids. Put them on a stick and you’ve hit a home run with kids of all ages. Sounds very good to me, Liz. Cannot wait to hear of your camping trip.

    • Thanks, J. Love that you think they’re adorable as you’re who I thought of when I noted they were not Martha-style cake pops. Try as I may (and I have tried), I can’t make stuff look Pretty. It usually looks good or at least passable and it (usually) tastes great, but my style tends more toward rustic than it does perfect.

      Better get going on the camping post as I’ve promised it now 0-:

    • thank ya’, Sophie πŸ™‚ Just can’t throw food away. The irony of it is that we won’t eat all of the cake pops and eventually a few will get tossed. And then I’ve wasted MORE food. But at least had the fun of making the cake pops and turning them into a blog post.

    • that’s a good piece–thanks for the link. Surprised to see anyone challenge such an obvious thing. Sure, the groceries could cost the equivalent (sort of), but what about the labor? The chefs are including their labor in the price of the meal as do the servers, etc. Which I guess works against my point… But for some, time spent in the kitchen is rewarding, so why pay someone else to do it? Unless it’s for an amazing meal.

      My food snob tendencies are going to come out loud and clear here, but Outback and the like have ho-hum food and not worth paying for something you could make at home. But something I wouldn’t necessarily make at home–a many-ingredient curry or Asian soup, for instance–I’d gladly go out for.

      As you can see, I find your article extremely interesting!

    • you will have eaten most of a can of chickpeas then! Thanks for coming over to comment. Appreciate very much πŸ™‚ Your blog looks like a fun place to be.

    • Thanks, Winne πŸ™‚ Love that you think they’re “charming.” Also “unique.” Those are excellent ways to spin what could also be considered sloppy and inconsistent–heehee. Appreciate your comment very much!

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    • Hey, Sam! You’ve read food for fun enough to know that I am so not the queen of cake decorating. If I can pull this off, you can, too. I didn’t even really set out to make cake pops. That was my general plan, but also just went along to see what would happen. Was thrilled to have them turn out and look halfway decent. I’ve seen your stuff and you make things look way prettier than I do.

      But do pass the “recipe” on to your sister. I think I would love your family πŸ™‚


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