minty muffins? and just two more things

There’s nothing like the thrill of finding something completely new in the food world, though I’m often humbled by how little I know about what’s out there. Take Biscoff: After discovering it here on WordPress, and writing it up myself, I was mildly aghast at having been in the dark about this peanut butter-style spread made out of COOKIES.

Seeing mention of ice cream bread in an electronic newsletter was another wow, though I also wondered why I hadn’t heard of such a thing. Its simplicity–only two ingredients–appealed as did the concept of making bread from ice cream. How could I not give it a go?

Instead of a loaf pan, I used muffin cups (yes, amb, the liners are Valentine’s Day leftovers πŸ™‚ ) and also subbed in 1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour, 1 1/2 teaspoons baking powder, and 1/4 + 1/8 teaspoon salt for the self-rising flour.

mint chocolate chip ice cream + self-rising flour

mint chocolate chip ice cream + self-rising flour

in the cups

in the cups

cooling it

cooling it

On paper it looks good: leavened flour plus ice cream, which is dairy, fat, sugar, and flavoring. It could work, right? They certainly looked tasty.

they look like cupcakes

they look like cupcakes

But they were meh at best. The texture was borderline gummy, and the flavor fell flat. Perhaps a dash of vanilla extract or even an egg would have helped, but I don’t feel strongly enough about this project to keep working at it. Why throw perfectly amazing ice cream away when it’s so tasty as-is?

But if you’re up for the challenge, I encourage you to give it a go and report back. Can you turn this recipe into something worth making?

As long as we’re here, I also want to give a shout-out to Bandhna and Trace in the Kitchen for their kind nominations. Bandhna, who tossed the Liebster and Versatile awards my way, writes with great enthusiasm and fun about life, travel, food, fashion, and technology. Her Foodie Fridays can’t be missed and even her fashion posts have been known to be almost edible πŸ˜‰

You’ve met Trace here before and her posts are always worth a read. We share strong opinions about peanut butter as well as a love of all things food. Trace, to you I say: Thanks for the Sunshine, Sunshine πŸ˜€

I admit to not playing these awards games very well. While I for sure want to send oodles of thanks and appreciation to Bandhna and Trace, I’ll skip the Q & A part and send you here for further “nominations.” There are so many amazing blogs out there and to narrow it down–as well as find blogs that have yet to receive these awards–continues to stump me.

In the spirit of “just one more thing” (any other Columbo fans out there?), I’ll finish off with another Minnesota Soybean guest blog link. Go ahead and get your cinnamon-roasted soynuts on and circle back next week for more fun in food.

38 thoughts on “minty muffins? and just two more things

  1. Wow, I can’t believe I get to be the first to comment on this post…

    The photos make the muffins look so delicious, they made me drool. I’m with you, I can’t imagine wasting good ice cream if they don’t live up to their looks.

    Congratulations on the awards, my friend. I hope you are feeling better and the Tylenol has kicked into high gear.

    • Hey, Tracy. Published earlier, before sane folks went to bed, so I could get to bed! Glad you got first shot πŸ™‚

      I was a mystified at how something that looked so good could be so unexceptional. Definitely not an instance of something being more than the sum of its parts.

      Appreciate your get-well wishes. Feeling better today and am off to a training for a new project. Looking forward to circling back to That’s Amore tonight!

  2. And I am second?! Wow! Time zones are so working in my favor and love that!! What an interesting concept, to make muffins/bread out of ice cream?! Crazy and so cool that you tried to make it work. I love that you just let it be…kind of like allowing yourself to not finish a book you are just not that into. Time is precious and so much food, so little time!

    I hope you are feeling better now, and have knocked that fever to the curb! Sounds like you might really need that ice cream the way it’s intended to be enjoyed to cool you down! Congrats on the award!

    • Bonnie! Thanks for the kind words here and at amb’s. I published this one a lot earlier than usual as I knew I couldn’t burn any midnight oil. Seriously wondering if I should quit with the Night Owl business (noooooooooo!) as it’s no good for me and I felt so refreshed when I woke up this morning. But I’d never get all of my work done and the work helps pay for things, so maybe there’s middle ground I can find. Do you have any advice?

      I like your comparison to not finishing a book–kind of how it worked out, yes. Just didn’t seem worth the effort. What I can’t figure out is all of the raves. This stuff did not taste all that great. And while I didn’t use premium ice cream, I didn’t use cheap stuff either. Logic says if you combine ice cream and flour, it’s not going to be amazing. ?? This blogger when cuckoo-crazy for it, but note that she added sugar.
      Or this one:
      And this one talks about “beautiful food love” so what am I missing?

      Hmmm… Something new every day.

      Appreciate you being here more than I can say!

  3. I do like the idea of mint muffins….very creative! Every time I visit your blog my mouth waters with the brilliant food ideas, I just wish I could eat the pictures! Just had a thought….if you could also develop a blog with a “smell accessory”…wow, that would be a global winner (which you are already….congratulations on the award, exceptionally well deserved!)…can’t wait to read your next blog posting!

    • Thanks, Steven. I need to get over to your space PDQ as I think I’m behind AGAIN.

      I’ve wondered about the smell possibilities (shall we call them “aroma capabilities”?) as well. That seems more your area of expertise (you’re the business guy, right?), so I’ll wait for you to develop it, then will take over with implementation. Paying you for your time and brainpower with cookies or cakes or whatnot.

      Very much appreciate your kind words πŸ™‚

      • I can already tell where the true genius lies – aroma sounds vastly more gourmet superior than smell! I will explore some corporate options to facilitate the delectable food offerings! Cheers, Steve

    • awww, Mimi. You’ve got my back–thanks! If you click on the links in my (long) response to Bonnie’s comments, you’ll find a few folks that seemed to have better results than I did. These bloggers swoon mightily about this ice cream bread, and I just don’t get it. ?? But hey, I bet Sir Puppy would lick it up πŸ™‚

  4. That’s really disappointing! What a sad waste of mint chocolate chip ice cream. But I agree with you on food discoveries–there is always something new to try. Fortunately I seem to be the eternal optimist when it comes to trying new foods. Hopefully your next discovery turns out better. πŸ™‚

    • Thanks, Jenny. You inspire me with your posts–even when things don’t go as planned, you share and also try to make it better the next time. Perhaps you’re the one to take up the ice cream bread challenge? Google “ice cream bread” and you’ll find loads of folks who like it. A. LOT. But it didn’t go over on my end. Even my kids wouldn’t eat it.

      Funny you mentioned “optimist” as that was my thought, too. Only a hard-core optimist would do these kind of “projects” πŸ™‚

  5. Oh, Liz. You just knew that holiday-themed muffin cups and Valentines in September would make me happy! Even when you’re feverish you’re thinking of your friends – this post is about seven kinds of awesome, and you are, too πŸ™‚

    Loved this idea, and it’s too bad the results didn’t live up to the promised deliciousness. But I absolutely agree with you about not wasting perfectly good ice cream. Especially if it’s mint chocolate chip!

    • Thanks for the uber-encouraging note, amb πŸ™‚ And you even threw in that “seven kinds of” phrase in hopes that I’d eventually catch on πŸ˜‰ Yep, you were the first person I thought of when I reached into my muffin liner stash and found the hearts. I also had Christmas-theme, but will save those for next spring. haha.

      Mint choc chip is best enjoyed on its own or in a shake (grasshopper). Or perhaps a grasshopper cake or pie? Will skip the flour next time.

      Many thanks for your kind words and thoughts. Always so glad to see your pensive Ingrid Bergman-like pose!

  6. I’ve never heard of ice cream bread before! The muffins look nice in the picture–too bad they didn’t turn out tasting as good! I love how you post about your experiments with different types of food, some of which I’ve never heard of. Thanks for sharing πŸ˜€

    • I’ve listed a few link in my response to Bonnie’s comments of other folks who did much better than I did with this “recipe.” I don’t get why we didn’t have the same experiences–only two ingredients, what could be different?

      Glad if you enjoy my “experiments.” It’s all playtime for me, so am glad if others share my sense of fun. One reason I enjoy our posts–you think its fun, too πŸ™‚ Thanks for coming by!

  7. Had I seen that recipe, I , too, would have been tempted to try it — and I don’t bake. It can be so disappointing when something doesn’t taste near as good as it looks.
    Congratulations on your much-deserved nominations.

    • Thanks for coming over and the kind words, John. You are obviously a very wise man, so I will ask you what is troubling me here: I’ve listed links above in response to Bonnie’s comment of others who were wild about this “bread.” Is it an Emperor’s new clothes thing that I (and my kids–so this isn’t a food snob thing) was unimpressed? Those bloggers are positively swooning and it leaves me feeling like I’ve totally missed something. Any advice? If I’d used self-rising flour, would that have made a difference? From a science perspective, it shouldn’t have mattered at all. This one has me stumped.

  8. About this ice cream bread…Even tho it didn’t work out, I gotta say, what a creative and clever idea some one came up with. I can see why you had to try it. If anything, it made for a compelling blog write-up. So not all is lost. I’ve been pondering how I might grill ice cream, purely for the challenge and all, and this might be an avenue to try it with. Intriguing!

    We don’t know what to do with awards either. Its always flattering tho. Good job!

    • totally creative–agreed. so simple–one day someone is scooping ice cream and she (he?) spots her (his?) flour container and thinks (thinkst?), “perhaps I could mix these two and bake them up in a loaf pan?” Wild.

      Am over-the-moon excited that you want to grill ice cream! It can be fried, so… ? Or could you cold smoke? I bet ice cream would be delish with a slight hint of smoke. Curious to see where this goes with the Patrons.

      p.s. just shared your blog @ What a Girl Eat’s Pay it Forward Friday. Her topic this week was what to feed hungry firefighters. Anything on your blog works for that! She’ll officially “share” the post at some point, but it’s in Recent Posts by Others right now. You da’ man!

  9. I saw this ice cream bread on Pinterest, was amazed and fascinated, and then immediately forgot about it. I’m still tempted to try it even though you say it wasn’t all that just because I want to taste it for myself.

    P.S. I’ve never had Biscoff OR cookie butter!

  10. Certainly sounds interesting enough to make. I’ve seen an ice cream bread recipe before using two ingredients. I couldn’t imagine how it would turn out! But you never know until you try it yourself. I think I would be a baffled as to why the reviews were so good too. Makes you wonder! And I really love Biscoff, all you need is a spoon!

  11. I agree totally that one should never waste good ice-cream! Kudos for trying this out though, I have never heard of ice-cream bread before, interesting idea! As for Biscoff, I was late to discover it too! Dare I share that after months of hearing about this amazing spread when I tried it I was so underwhelmed!

    • you should most certainly dare share, Jayne πŸ™‚ Always looking for honesty here. Maybe the Biscoff hype was just too great? I’m a big fan, but it’s more of a novelty sort of thing as I can’t justify all those calories and fat grams “just for fun.” That’s what cocktails are for, haha.

      Wonder what else is out there that we have yet to hear of? Always something. Thanks for coming over!

    • The muffins are pretty, yes, but my guess is your brownie muffins were much better tasting! Thanks for all of your visits πŸ™‚ Thrilled to have you here.


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