hot chocolate blogging x 2

Last week’s marshmallows (black cherry whisky! rum!) have been joined by Rumchata marshmallows and they all scream for hot cocoa. Because it’s been a busy week with lots of food prep leading up to a presentation, I’m plumb (or plum?) tuckered and will fall back on work already done for this week’s post.

Hot cocoa made an appearance over at this month’s Funny Names in Food Post. Hoping you’ll click over for a read about San Fransisco’s most famous (and funnily-named) chocolatier, even if just because I use the word “dude” in the title.

The hot cocoa bell was also rung for this month’s Minnesota Soybean post, where I feature a recipe for a DIY chocolate syrup that was written up here over a year ago. Love the stuff so much that I’m never without a jar in my refrigerator and I’d strongly recommend you make yourself a batch as well. Too simple not to.

Speaking of Minnesota Soybean, these are the folks that had me cooking and baking crazy-like for a presentation I did at their annual growers’ meeting. In the interest of offering healthy foods to balance out all the sweets we’ve been enjoying of late, I’ll bring my soyfoods stories–and recipes–next week. For now, here’s a picture of the spread.

tofu, edamame, soynuts, oh my!

tofu, edamame, soynuts, oh my!

Would love to see you back here next week for more on tofu “egg” salad, green onions scones, pumpkin soynut granola, green tea edamame, and edamame chile hummus. Just writing that sentence made me feel healthy. Imagine how awesome we’ll feel once the recipes are out there. Until then, let’s add a few more ‘mallows to our hot chocolates and enjoy!

36 thoughts on “hot chocolate blogging x 2

    • Thanks for seconding my “healthier” feeling. Now I know it’s not just me! Will circle back with soy recipes for sure. Have lots of leftovers, so will work on breaking the space-time continuum and being able to deliver to those stopping by. Gotta be a way! Appreciate you being here πŸ™‚

  1. It is indeed hot chocolate weather! Of course it is already supposed to warm back up to close to 70 degrees this weekend. I have enjoyed a couple mugs with different liqueurs! That hummus sounds good too.

    • no worries, Jenny. The green tea edamame is simply a poaching of sort with the beans steeped in tea, then drained. Not talking bobo tea for sure.

      Thanks for coming over πŸ™‚

  2. I’m up for some chocolate syrup and soybeans…not necessarily in that order. πŸ˜‰ I want to hear about that tofu egg salad recipe!
    Good luck with your presentation..

  3. Great post, Liz. Oddly, I was on a soy kick this week. We made tofu twice and two edamame dishes – a purΓ©ed soup and a quinoa salad. We are on the same food planets – our stars seem to always align. Best – Shanna PS Hummus is a great idea!

    • yes, stars aligning again! Imagine that πŸ˜‰ Would love to hear about your other tofu dish (you blogged one, yes?) and the edamame. Bet the soup and salad were so pretty. The green sweet beans give things such a bright, fresh look.

    • lol, J–you’ve got it bad. Just keep thinking about that hot cereal. You could toss a bit of unsweetened baking cocoa into a bowl of your porridge without loosing face with FLC, couldn’t you?

      Yes, come back for the scones. They have whole wheat flour, so a healthy choice all around. Good luck with the second week!

    • Thanks, Suzanne. I did all the chopping for you πŸ™‚ My advice would be to mix yourself a cocktail. It’ll lessen the pain, taste good, and won’t stress your digits πŸ˜‰

    • yes, make a jar of the syrup. So so simple and tastes EXACTLY like the Hershey’s brand in the strore. All the money you save can be spent outfitting your new kitchen πŸ™‚ Appreciate you being here and glad you’ll be back next week.

  4. Three days in a row of hot cocoa with very perfect marshmallows to get me through the afternoon at work…what a divine intervention and perfect solution to my sub-standard heating conditions at work lately. Everything you made sounds so good!! So wishing there was some way to get food delivered via some magic portal here on WordPress! I have got to make some of that chocolate sauce – that looks amazing and I can see why it would be a requisite item to have on hand at all times. Especially intrigued by the pumpkin soynut granola. Waiting patiently for next week, and like Mimi said, refill please? πŸ™‚

    • a food delivery portal on WordPress? Sounds like a good plan to me. Then I can get you that refill! Am thrilled to pieces (pieces, I tell you) that you’re enjoying the marshmallows. Of all the flavors I’ve made, the black cherry are my fave as they’re perfectly sweet–not overmuch–and a little bit floral.

      Thanks for coming by, Bonnie.

      • LOVE the marshmallows. I tell ya. Tearing them in half at this point to make them go further AND hoarding them from the kiddo. Perfectly sweet with just the hint of the cherry bourbon and in hot cocoa..sublime!! You hit it out of the park with those. πŸ™‚

  5. Rumchata is one of the loveliest things ever invented. Mixed with Dr. Pepper or any kind of cola and it makes for a lovely ice cream float-ish cocktail. Mmm!

    I can’t wait to hear all your healthy recipes! I need some right about now! πŸ™‚

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  7. Just finished a mocha. Wish I had some homemade marshmallows with it! I love going to San Francisco. I suggest trying out Recchiuti’s Confections. One of the best chocolate I’ve ever had. You can order online too (, but it’s a bit pricey. His cookbook is very good too without being overly technical. Just had some edamame in my breakfast too!


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