Crescent Dragonwagon, etc: The Summer Slide Edition

Recapping funny culinary names @ Blog of Funny Names. There will be a test 😉

The Blog of Funny Names

Another month, another Funny Names in Food post. Though this round has caught me even more unaware than usual. (And I can get caught plenty unaware.) Even my own blog is being sorely neglected what with summer travels and the kiddos being home from school. So instead of taking time to research a funny culinary name and craft a riveting and interesting and can’t-stop-reading-it post (bahahahahaha), I’ll subject you to offer you a peek into the Funny Names in Food archives.

If you’ve been here before, this is a chance to see how well you’ve been paying attention. If you haven’t, click on a name or subject that interests you for your funny names post of the day.

One of my favorite pieces of this Funny Names blogging community is the chance to learn about an incredibly wide variety of subjects. Here’s your chance to pick up all…

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8 thoughts on “Crescent Dragonwagon, etc: The Summer Slide Edition

  1. The only one I got was Milton Hershey, I’m afraid to say. I do like the name Herve This.
    I feel compelled to tell you that my grandmother’s name was Casilda Wiederhold.
    Hope you’re having a good summer! I too struggling to keep up with school being out, etc!

    • Love it, HD! Casilda Wiederhold is a fantastic name. Consider this post a summer project and you can read about a new name every day or so. Putting them together in one place helped me realize how cool they all are. Inspiring, all. You might be especially interested in Gesine. She has an extremely cool story and has written some fun books. Thanks for coming by 🙂

  2. I had no idea I could laugh so often at names? And we think names like Apple and Brooklyn are questionable? 😉 Enjoy your summer and your busy-ness – we’ll all be here when travel and activities and fun-time abate..

    • woo hoo to summer and busy-ness. Thinking the activities will be abating in another 8 years or so. Not expecting a respite anytime soon.

      Glad if the funny names made you laugh. It was fun to put everything together in once place. Thanks for your kind words and your visits, Mimi!

    • Can you say “lazy”? ‘Cause I sure can 😉 Though with a little help from my friends, I think I’ll have some new names soon. Do you have any time you could give me as well? That’s where the real shortage lies.

      Yes, all about repurposing. Working smarter, not harder. Ha. Thanks, Fannie 😀

    • Thanks, Shamim. You, too? Summer always kicks my butt. And there’s no getting used to it because each year is a bit different depending on the kids’ ages and what they’re involved with. But still looking forward to connecting–eventually 😀

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