going to the dark side and the tour

wpid-2014-07-01-17.20.21.jpg.jpegSo. Welcome to another week here at food for fun. Please help yourself to a chilled, creamy beverage while I explain what we’re up to today.

This week kicks off a bit differently than others as I’m responding to a request from Kloe of Kloe’s Kitchen to participate in a Writing Process Blog Tour. If you’re not already familiar with this “event,” you can read more here.

I don’t usually go off topic–food for fun is generally only about food–but I can’t say no to Kloe as she is AMAZING. I’ll send you to her site for more, but rest assured that there are few people as talented and hardworking and compassionate as she at such a young age. Thank you for knocking on my door, Kloe. I am honored more than words can say.

First, I’ll answer Kloe’s questions. Then we’ll visit a cool (!) recipe sent to me on my facebook wall. Its simplicity and originality blew me away and I made a batch within an hour of reading the post. More on that later. First, Kloe’s questions:

1.  What are you working on? Everything. Summer always throws me for a loop (see here) and I have so much on my to-do list that doesn’t get done. For now I just try to keep the balls in the air. Being a mom takes priority, though maintaining a deLizious Food Communications clientele is also big for me. Blogging and posting on deLizious facebook is a part of that as are my monthly posts at Blog of Funny Names. Long-term goals for my business include creating some sort of marshmallow cookbook concept. Still not sure exactly where I’m going with that, just know that ‘mallows (especially the boozy ones) call my name.

2.  How does your work differ from others of its genre? Photography is not my strong suit, so I’ll never be able to compete with most food bloggers. Yet I feel my writing is strong and it’s fun to pound out a post, watching it evolve into something I’m proud to publish. As well, I hope to give others a sense of the normalcy of what goes on in a kitchen. There are wins and there are losses. No one hits it out of the park every time. And that’s a good thing, as there’s much to learn from fails.

3.  Why do you write what you do? As a food writer, I didn’t see how I could get by without having a food blog. While it began only as a professional endeavor, it’s been great fun to find community in the blogosphere. And bottom line, I hope to share happiness I find in the kitchen and life in general.

4.  How does your writing process work? I commit to posting weekly; sometimes it’s easy to find a topic, sometimes not so much. But in either case, Tuesday night usually finds me up late (who am I kidding? every night finds me up late), writing and editing my way to a published post. The goal is always to have photos in place by Tuesday afternoon, since my photography skills don’t extend to after-dark shots.

This being a “tour,” the baton needs to be passed. But instead of singling out phenomenal food blogs (of which there are many), I’m going to extend the invite to any of you who want to hop on board. Just answer the above four questions in an upcoming post and please link back here so folks know what you’re up to.

So now we move on to why you’re really here: the eats. A good friend (remember Jessica, she of the crabapple liqueur?) recently shared a link for dark chocolate ice cubes. I had never heard of such a thing, but it made so much sense. Why not make ice cubes that could turn milk chocolate-y and coffee mocha-y? They would also open up a whole new world of cocktails. White Russian (or black for that matter) with dark chocolate ice cubes? Yes, please. Same for dropping a cube of frozen dark in Rumchata, mudslides, grasshoppers, and other creamy drinks.

The process was easy-pie: Combine 2 cups water and 1/4 cup each agave syrup and unsweetened baking cocoa (I used dark); bring to a simmer. Cool, then transfer to ice-cube trays and freeze.wpid-wp-1404253736247.jpeg The results are phenomenal and turned my morning cup of joe into a $5 cup of coffee coffee-shop experience. Though as mentioned earlier, they make many beverages better.wpid-2014-07-01-17.16.23.jpg.jpegAnd while the cubes are as lovely as can be, the liquid could also easily be frozen in a popsicle mold. Backing up a bit further, a handful of fresh mint or stick of cinnamon could simmer with the chocolate mixture, then be removed before the liquid is poured into molds. Going to the dark side has never been so creatively delicious.

61 thoughts on “going to the dark side and the tour

    • Thanks, Mimi. They are amazingly delicious, especially for being so simple. And they didn’t necessarily add “chocolate” to coffee–at least when adding just one cube–but they upped the complexity and made a good thing better.

  1. You continue to expand our minds on what can be done in a kitchen. As a person who eats dark chocolate daily, I would like to toss one of those in my java right now and declare them supercalifragiLIZtic.

    • Thank YOU kind sir. I think that’s what we’re all doing–sharing what brings us joy. Speaking of joy, my husband grilled burgers last night and while they wouldn’t hold up to PotP standard (there was char), they’re the epitome of summer to me. There’s love in that char, haha.

  2. Very interesting. I do agree. You write very well and I”m always engaged with what you’ve got going on in the kitchen. Keep up the good work.

  3. This is awesome, and love your ending line: Going to the dark side has never been so creatively delicious. Perfection! I will definitely be trying these – 1, I know I can’t really screw this up, 2. could be fun for the kiddo 3. I already have *all* of the ingredients and 4. How fun! Love how you bring these unique things to us. Your answers to Kloe’s questions are fantastic -fun to learn a little more about your process!

    • thanks, Bonnie–lol you can’t screw it up. You don’t give yourself enough credit–I know for a fact you make a killer curry soup. And those Manhattans! You and kiddo should go for it. Using the normal (not dark) cocoa powder would make them more kid-friendly.

      Appreciate your kind words. Had never given much thought to having a “process” for the blog posts. Just like a lot of what we do in life–jump in and swim and hopefully get where you need to go.

  4. Wow! I love this idea!! Adding chocolate is rarely a bad idea if you ask me. 😉
    Also enjoyed reading your answers – you are a really good writer, and I’ve always enjoyed your easy conversational style. I think you sell yourself short on the photo-taking though – I’ve seen some pretty delicious-looking pics in your blog!

    • Thanks! Yes, chocolate usually works–especially the dark stuff. Appreciate your kind words oodles and looking forward to hopefully meeting up this summer. My husband and I are starting to plan and at least have picked dates. I know I’ve emailed you before, but could you send me a note to my biz email (liz@deLiziousfood.com) and I’ll circle back with what I know so far. Any and all suggestions you have are welcome. And lol, photo editor is one of my bestest friends.

    • Thank you, ma’am. Though I will say that these ice cubes would not work with the blue French cocktail I’m supposed to be creating 😉

  5. Liz !!! These look so fabulous I had to stop myself from licking your screen! I’m slowly working my way back through all the posts I’ve missed and I promise I’ll get caught up eventually, but in the meantime, holy bananas did I pick a good post to come back to!!! Oh my goodness Liz, have I ever missed your posts. Excuse me while I mop the drool off my keyboard …

    • oh now, amb. You’re here 😀 Can hardly believe it but am so glad. Boy have you been missed. I hope you do catch up as it’s absolutely always this delicious here 😉 Though this one does seem to have your name all over it. But here’s more of what you missed: wakame (seriously, and I think you’d like), marshmallows (of course), more marshmallows, a quiz at BoFN, ice cream, leftover Easter candy. I tell you this only because I care so much about your culinary education.

      I’ve missed you and your effervescent comments and it’s good to have you back. Thanks for the visit 😀

  6. I love it, I make ice cubes, of all kinds all summer long. Just made some mango and coconut milk for frozen mango lassi. I think these chocolate cubes are wonderful and my you are busy. Love learning more about you LIz!

    • want to hear more about these ice cubes you’ve been making, Suzanne. Sounding delish! When I pull something from another blog, I realize I’m already late to the party, lol. But better late than never and especially true with (dark) chocolate. Thanks for your kind words. Busy it is right now, mostly because I’m not good just doing the mom thing. So many other fish to fry!

  7. Another wonderful post. I am definitely going to have to try these. Bailey’s is begging to have so e chocolate ice in the glass!! And to make these as my big cocktail ice cubes, absolute perfection!

    • Aw shucks, thanks Gretchen. Yes to these cubes and Bailey’s. And awesome to make them in the bigger cocktail cube molds. Great idea! Thanks for coming to the party 🙂

  8. Those choco ice cubes look ah-mah-zing. My goodness. Simple and so yummy! And I think your photography skills are great! I’m with you on not photographing in the dark. I avoid it at all costs. 😉

    • Thanks, Kaela. These would work very well for you, I think 🙂 Appreciate your kind words re: pictures. I do ok and (thanks to photo editor) sometimes better than ok. But some blogs are all about the breathtaking photos, and I just can’t do that. Happier banging out words than I am making things look just so. Life is too short!

      Hope all is well in your world. Appreciate your support ever so much.

  9. I can just imagine these cubes in my chocolate milk or iced coffee – what a way to kick it up a notch!
    And I always love reading your blog, it is a pleasure! Thanks for sharing your process!

    Choc Chip Uru

    • Thanks, Mary! Getting ready to post again and I may have mentioned something from your spring box 😉 Am LOVING your surprise packages and grateful to have learned of your biz. Very cool. Thanks for doing what you do.

  10. Amazing! I like freezing fruity things into ice for cocktails parties and have even frozen coffee cubes to put in my coffee, but I never would have thought to do a chocolate cubes. You’re right — the (boozy!) possibilities are endless. =) Also a big woo! to a ‘mallow cookbook. That would be awesome!

    • see, I hadn’t thought of it either, then saw this post and did a head-thump. How could we not think of this, J? Should start thinking ahead now: peanut butter ice cubes? marshmallow ice cubes? whipped cream ice cubes? caramel ice cubes? (you can chime in anytime 😉 )

  11. I love all this joy you keep bringing us, Liz! Looks amazing. I want one of those. Love the question & answer session. Those are always fun to do.

    • Hey, thanks 🙂 I’m jumping for joy myself if you’re feeling the joy 😉 That’s what I’m trying to do here. Appreciate your visits very much.

    • Thanks, Shanna! That first photo was taken hurriedly before I rushed out the door to run someone somewhere, but I was thrilled at how the ice cubes melted and made the drink look chocolatey. Though the sad part is that I didn’t get to drink it as I needed my wits about me to drive, etc. Ah well. Will always have that photo 😀 Hope things go well on your end, too, Miss S 😀

    • Thanks, Kloe. You totally inspire me. I was a decent kid at your age, but you blow me away with all you do and the role you play in your (large) family. You are amazing! And I’m still smiling over your owl cake. Showed it to my girls and they loved.

  12. Pingback: the evolution of supper: quail eggs, freekah, DIY tomato sauce, and mac and cheese | food for fun

  13. Great blog tour entry, and I like that you’ve also extended the blog tour to everyone. As for the dark chocolate ice cubes, even though it’s the depth of winter here I want to make them, they sound a bit like David Lebovitz’s chocolate sorbet, which was jaw droppingly easy and fabulous.

    • Thanks, Saucy 🙂 Hope you jump on board the blog tour bus–as far as I know, no one has taken me up on it yet!

      Yes, these are very David Lebovitz-y. Yum. Have you heard of the Zoku instant-freeze popsicle maker? Saw one in a culinary shop recently and HAD TO HAVE ONE. So found a better deal online, traded in my amazon credit card points, signed up for a free trial of amazon prime (phew–this was a lot of work) and my Zoku should be here within days. And now I can make popsicles at a moments notice!!!! Feeling giddy with the thought 🙂

      So maybe I can make some popsicles for our party? (or “poptails” as we called them last summer?) Very interested in co-hosting with you, but would need your email address again. You can find me from my biz site and we can go from there. liz@deLiziousfood.com


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