Cat Cora, Chic Chef

Welcome to a food for fun first! Today, instead of writing original content–always my goal here–I’m reblogging this week’s Blog of Funny Names guest post. The fuunily-named subject has fun with food, so she qualifies here for sure. Meow 🙂

The Blog of Funny Names

Successful, smart, pretty, AND a good cook: Cat Cora is a quadruple threat. Successful, smart, gorgeous, AND a good cook: Cat Cora is a quadruple threat.

Food Network junkies already know Cat Cora. For the rest of us (despite my addiction to all things food, I haven’t watched a cooking show since canning cable a few years back), let’s look more closely at Miss Catherine Ann “Cat” Cora.

Cora made history in 2005 as the first female to win the title of Iron Chef America. But her hard work in the culinary field started long before that.

Born in 1967 in Jackson, Mississippi, Cora was introduced to the food world as daughter and granddaughter of restauranteurs. Her father Sprio’s Greek heritage and her own southern roots are reflected in much of what Cora does in the kitchen even today.

A decision to enroll at Culinary Institute of America came only after receiving a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Physiology and Biology…

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22 thoughts on “Cat Cora, Chic Chef

  1. Being from Jackson, MS, she must have heard the song “Jackson” umpteen times. When she heard Johnny and June sing, “We got married in a fever, hotter than a pepper sprout,” her interest was peaked, and she began researching peppers, which led to a culinary career. That’s my theory anyway.

    • Thanks, CCU! Was too darned tired to write a second post last week 😉 Have no idea where you get the energy to keep coming up with your awesome assignments 😀 But glad you do!

    • agreed, mum 🙂 Am sure Cora has more qualities to add to the Quadruple Threat roster, but wasn’t sure how far I could go with the Quintuple, Sextuple, etc terminology. It’s more about food here than numbers 😉 Thanks for stopping over!

  2. OK, Liz, as awesome as Cat is on every Food Channel program I see her on, I’ve been seeing this darn post when I click on your blog for two weeks now. Nudge. Nudge. Poke. Poke. Ahem. Cough. Twist.


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