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Question: Is a not particularly funny name funny if it is spelled unusually? I have not yet brought this query to the Blog of Funny Names Board (just kidding–no such thing), but I vote yes because it gives me license to write up a woman I admire.

First, a bit of background on why I care. Though a food science graduate, I knew nothing about cooking until post-college. Only after receiving a Betty Crocker cookbook for Christmas did I realize I wanted to be a food writer. While I’ve yet to publish a cookbook (one day!), I can legitimately claim food writing as part of my profession. (food for fun, anyone?) And I can legitimately say that I’m crazy about cookbooks.

Mollie then (photo credit to) Mollie then (photo source: Vegetable Heaven)

Mollie now (photo credit: Simple Steps) Mollie now (photo credit: Simple Steps)

Ms. Mollie Katzen has authored–and illustrated–some of the finest of the genre…

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9 thoughts on “mollie katzen, good gollie

    • not even sure I still have it, Hot Dish. It was a low-cal cookbook from the late ’90s and that ship has kinda sailed. But I still remember being entranced by the copy and food photography. It was with great pleasure that I’ve taken on a handful of writing assignments for Betty. For a few months, I took on the role of writing the introductory “blurbs” for Betty recipes. So for a short while, I got to be Betty 😀

      Do you have favorite cookbooks?

    • thanks, mum 🙂 I’ll keep you posted, though stick with Donna Hay for now! Way too many irons in the fire to start something new now. Glad if you like the popcorn!

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