Can Kerry? absolutely yes, especially when it comes to chocolate

wpid-kerry-can-chocolates.jpg.jpegWith Thanksgiving behind us, we’ll move on to the next holidays of the season. But we’d be smart to keep the spirit of thankfulness alive and well. I’ll offer being thankful for all of you. I thank you for stopping by, for the Likes, the comments, for popping over to my deLizious facebook page. Gracias, merci, takk, and danke.

As well, I thank you for teaching me so many things on your blogs. I won’t name names as I could never list everyone, but your posts have given me much food for thought. New dishes, old favorites, cool cocktails, musings, laughs–it’s all good.

Even better are the friendships that have formed and are forming and will form. The Interweb does a magnificent job of pulling people from all over the globe together in one spot. My life has been enriched because I know you.

Case in point: Let’s talk KerryCan. KC has commented here and while I try to keep up with all of you, I’m not great at visiting all of you all the time. But food is a big hook and when I got whiff that Kerry MADE CHOCOLATES, I dropped everything to chase down her etsy page. And hoo boy. A couple of swoons and a few drools later, I had a shopping cart with four items. Order placed.

The items shipped quickly and besides being wow-ed by Kerry’s immense talent as a candy-maker, it was just plain fun to connect with someone I had thus far only traded in blog comments and Likes. Her candy is crazy delicious. Imagine the best chocolates you can, then multiply that fifty-fold. That’s how good it is.

My plans were to post individual pictures of every dreamy item I’d purchased, but the photo shoot never happened. Instead I’ll offer you Kerry’s amazing photos from her site. Just be sure to haveΒ smelling salts at hand for swoons and a napkin nearby to wipe drool.


Chocolate Ginger Sesame Seed Candy Bars

ses seed bar

Artisan Candy Bar (think gourmet Snickers)

candy bar

Spicy Pepita Dried Cherry Chocolate Bark

(I shared this with foodie friends and they were all over it.)


Chocolate Marshmallow Bark (I was unwilling to share this with anyone!)

marshmallow bark

In that Thanksgiving spirit, then, I thank KerryCan for sharing her passion with us. And I thank all of you for doing the same. Here’s to a crazy-good finish to 2014 and all sorts of fun in the coming year!

61 thoughts on “Can Kerry? absolutely yes, especially when it comes to chocolate

  1. Always thankful for you Liz and how wonderful to showcase Kerry. Must say those chocolates are mighty delicious looking that candy bar has me swooning for sure. Will head over to easy, I’m a sucker for homemade.

    • Thought of you when I got another Mary’s Secret Ingredient box today, Suzanne. Another example of lives being enriched! (My morning was rotten and finding that box was the one good thing I had going, lol) Her chocolate is amazing and what’s even cooler as she has multiple talents. Not a one-trick pony such as myself πŸ˜‰ And I think she’s from your fair state!

  2. These chocolates look amazing! I think I’ll just have to visit Kerry on Etsy. And I’m super thankful for meeting a foodie friend like you too πŸ™‚
    btw love the little snowflakes/drops whisping around your screen. How did you do that? so cool

    • Thanks, Shamin. Yep–I owe the blogosphere to knowing you, too! The snowflakes were automatic–assuming you have them, too? Last year I remember having to check a box, but this year they just fell. Much like life here in Minnesota. Brrrr…..

  3. These are right up my alley. Chocolate, sesame, and ginger? The holy grail. I love dried cherries and pepitas. I even had a great-aunt named Pepita who was once a nun, then left the convent to write romance novels. I guess if you can’t have a hayseed in the family, a pumpkin seed will do.

    • true true true, Mama. And this stuff is adults-only. The kiddos would enjoy, but methinks they’d be happy with a (less expensive) bar of Hershey’s, too. Cheers πŸ™‚

  4. OK, Liz, which two do think would be Kerry’s very best as a surprise Christmas gift for my chocolate-loving dear wife Karen? I’m counting on you here, my friend. They all look so good I don’t want to choose from photos alone, so I defer to the queen taste-tester.

    • well now, Mark. We can’t assume that my taste buds match up with your dear wife’s, though if you press me to pick two faves I call the gourmet snickers bar and marshmallow bark. The other two are more innovative and quirky. But if you hopped over to her etsy site, you’d quickly fall down the rabbit hole of even more delicious possibilities. How will you ever decide?

      Thanks for taking a trip to Candy Land with me πŸ™‚

  5. Liz! I just got in from a LONG day, selling candy to the huddled masses of Westchester, NY, and found this post–completely reinvigorated me! Thank so much for the super-kind words and for being such a supportive pal!

    • Hope the show went well, Kerry! Still enjoying the candy–trying to pace myself πŸ˜‰ You are so talented and it’s an honor to have connected with you.

      • Liz, you’re so sweet! I’m glad you liked the candy and, really, your post was the highlight of my week! I did two shows, on two consecutive days. I made a lot of money but was just exhausted. Whew! It’s good to be home, just filling Etsy orders at this point.

  6. I have been drooling over her candy for a month. Guess it’s time for my to fill up a virtual shopping cart too! I’m totally jealous of all those goodies. And why am I not surprised to see marshmallow in there somewhere?

  7. What a wonderful find Liz! I love how you first “met” through blogging then ended up ordering from her Etsy site. How supportive and not to mention how you really scored some gorgeous artisan candy. It’s always a pleasure to not only visit your place here but to hear from you on mine. πŸ™‚

  8. Woah, this stuff does look swoon-worthy! I love seeds with chocolate, and ginger is always a good use. Yummy!!
    What a sweet post. πŸ™‚ I know I am thankful to have connected with you!

    • You’d like the sesame-ginger for sure, HotDish! And the barks. Hope your Christmas season is going well. Fun (though more stressful, if I remember correctly) with a little kiddo in the house. So much magic πŸ™‚ Will you be cooking and baking a lot for different events, parties, etc?

      • Oh man, I have been so busy. But I did manage to make some holiday cookies last week, and I type this with dry puckered fingers as I just finished the first stage of a batch of homemade limoncello for holiday gifts.
        How about you?

        • not sure I have it in me to do holiday baking–no need to as there will be plenty of goodies wherever we go. Though my oldest did make a batch of peanut butter balls a few nights ago. Yum. We don’t have a tree yet and are slowly putting up decorations. Always a slow start to Christmas for me.

          Though. Was thinking of doing some kind of boozy thing, so love the limoncello. Impressive πŸ™‚ Curious if you’ve seen this blog. You would like. And she has limoncello on her list.

  9. Oh, all that chocolate! It’s probably the best part of Christmas, that everyone’s chocoholic side is allowed to shine through. I’d linger longer at your photos but it would mean the ruin of my keyboard. Happy holidays, Liz! πŸ™‚

    • Ha, thanks John. You like chocolate, then? Am imagining you will have a extravagantly delicious holiday season! Appreciate you stopping by πŸ™‚


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