getting our (whiskey) fix

20160516_133723.jpgLast week’s rhubarb pie went over so well that there is none left to enjoy with this week’s cocktail. I’d wanted to make another, but haven’t gotten around to it. So we’ll just imagine a slice of this20160509_154532.jpgas we sip our Whiskey Fix.20160516_133716.jpgWhat’s a Whiskey Fix, you ask? (You may not have asked, but that question must be posed to proceed so let’s just go with it.)

It all started with a recent purchase.glassesThese babies called my name on a recent visit to Minneapolis Institute of Art. Alas, I did not buy that evening, but a stop at brought them my way.

The Whiskey glass (as opposed to the glasses for Rum, Vodka, and Gin) seemed the best match for the rhubarb pie and I did indeed find a winner with the Whiskey Fix.20160516_133805.jpgIn honor of an upcoming trip to Canada, I brought out the Canadian whisky for this one, though decided in the end that Irish whiskey was the best choice. Honey made a better sweetener than sugar and I bumped it up to 2 teaspoons. I also used 2 tablespoons of lemon juice instead of the 1 1/2 found in half of an average-size lemon. A rhubarb stir stick added just the right touch for serving with rhubarb pie, though didn’t contribute much (if any) flavor.

20160518_083907.jpgIt’s a simple drink with a bit more sweet than sour, though that works with our pie which is just slightly more tart than sweet. I’d originally thought of making the Dinah, one of the four whiskey recipes found on the glass, but its inclusion of mint made it too fussy for the pie. Simple is our best bet here.

So grab yourself a slice of Great-aunt Helen’s Rhubarb Pie20160510_120205.jpgand stir up a Whiskey Fix to sip alongside.20160516_133649.jpgCheers to you and I look forward to seeing you again next week when we take another riffle through a favorite recipe box. Thank you for being here.wpid-20150217_112908.jpg

21 thoughts on “getting our (whiskey) fix

  1. Love those cocktail glasses!! Awesome. I can’t say I’ve ever had pie and whiskey at the same time, but the way I see it, it’s always good to keep an open mind and try new things!! This seems to be a match! Where in Canada…to visit anyone we know? Cheers!

    • Quite honestly, I’d prefer milk with the pie, but that’s not how Cocktail U rolls 😉 Glad you’re willing to keep an open mind.

      Heading to Bampf/Lake Louise and Edmonton in August. Won’t visit anyone we know, alas.

      Thanks for coming by. Always so good to see you.

  2. Love the glasses. I think they would call my name too. Funny how trips influence people. Canadian whiskey for you and German food for us. I also just saw a bottle of wine on Instagram with my name on it. I’ve already found it online and am probably going to order it and have it delivered to my friend in Germany so I can pick it up when we visit her. I MUST have that label!

  3. I like the idea of honey as a sweetener, might make me feel healthier while drinking my alcoholic whiskey fix and nibbling on pie. I love rhubarb which sometimes tastes a little like strawberries, Liz. ❤ Thank you for rifgling and sharing Great Aunt Helen's recipe. Yummy!

    • Thank you for your kind words 🙂 Makes me so happy that others are enjoying Helen’s recipes. Thinking she’d wonder what the fuss is, but secretly liking it.


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