Italian perfume

20170516_121018Last we met we were serving up Great-aunt Helen’s zucchini casserole. The rules of our game here are that we follow food with drink. But what should we drink with a casserole? A lovely white wine would do the trick, but this is Cocktail U so a mixed drink we must have.

As we have many times before, we turn to our trusty 10,000 Drinks tome. The chapter entitled Wine-Based Cocktails sounded promising and amidst the many crazy drinks (Balla Balla, Balalaika Magika, Boston Bottle Rocket to name three), I found one that sounded quite lovely: Italian Perfume.20170516_121016-120170516_121009This cocktail passed my few-ingredient test by asking only for brandy, amaretto, and white wine — all already on my shelf. I didn’t even need to use a cocktail shaker – ingredients were simply poured over ice.20170516_120958If you think this sounds like a sweet drink, you are absolutely correct. But over enough ice, it mellowed nicely and I liked this drink very much. Should you want to pour one — with or without Zucchini Casserole on the table — it’s as easy as equal parts brandy and amaretto poured into an ice-filled wine glass, then finished with white wine. Cheers! 20170516_120907Hope to see you again as we continue our way through Helen’s recipe box and of course the promise of another libation.

10 thoughts on “Italian perfume

    • And cheers to you, my friend 🙂 Thank you for being here. I wasn’t able to finish it as I was running the girls around so had it a few days later and darned if it didn’t taste even better after it had time to mellow. Thinking it would be great with carbonation.


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