kentucky iced tea

20180508_1154221222029978.jpgSavoring the last of Great-aunt Helen’s scones for breakfast this morning, I realized too late that had I just held out a bit longer, I might have saved it to accompany this week’s Cocktail U sipper. Alas. Even the crumbs were gone and I was not ambitious enough to bake another batch. Instead, we will re-visit these scones through photograph20180501_1610471553499709.jpgand wonder what adult beverage would go well with these tea-time gems.

My friend, Fannie, who delights readers with her wonderful way with words as well as gorgeous photos of Washington sunsets and the like, suggested I accompany it with an iced-tea cocktail. This seemed a good idea and I flipped through cookbooks, looking for inspiration.

Rather than going the Long Island Iced Tea route (which has not been a good route for me in the past–those things go down far too easily), I wanted to keep it simple. As well, I wanted to use iced tea as an ingredient, not just a flavor goal.


Falling apart not from overuse so much as from the fact that it cost me all of 1 penny on Amazon.

Turning to my cocktail tome, I found a chapter on Iced Tea Drinks. There were only a handful that actually contained iced tea and none struck me as working with the scones. But there was a common theme among these drinks and it seemed a good starting point for something that would work. Russian Iced Tea, for instance, started with vodka on ice, then was topped off with iced tea. Mexican Iced Tea replaced the vodka with tequila.

What if we took bourbon (again with the bourbon), put it on ice, and finished it with iced tea? It would be sweet, but not too. It would be lovely and bracing and chilled–a good accompaniment to warm and crumbly proper British scones. Even better, we could call it Kentucky Iced Tea in honor of the 144th Annual Kentucky Derby, just run a few days ago.20180508_1154101380093625.jpgI used unsweetened green tea only because that’s what was in my refrigerator. Likely, this drink would work with any sort of iced tea. Bourbon amount is your call; I splashed an ounce or so into the glass before filling with ice and tea.20180508_115427794660105.jpgThis simple sipper is a good lesson in less is more. No measuring and only two ingredients for a spirited cocktail to help you to beat the summer heat come tea time or anytime. Thank you for being here and please return next week for another hunt through Great-aunt Helen’s recipe box.



4 thoughts on “kentucky iced tea

  1. I just read a Joyce Meyer quote that said, “Simplicity is a key to avoiding complication.” Seems obvious, but in these complicated times, a quick and easy Kentucky Iced Tea is just the thing to streamline cocktails. Now I doubt I’d drink it with a bucket o’ Kentucky Fried Chicken. But scones, yes. There is no finger licking with scones. Let’s keep it refined here. We’re donning our derby hats, for gosh sakes.


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