when the cookie crumbles…into your alcoholic milkshake

20180522_1216501446085818.jpgGuys. I am extremely excited for today’s Cocktail U session. Many of you return dutifully week after week (and thank you for that!) to sample from Great-aunt Helen’s recipe box, then enjoy adult beverages that match up with these recipes. This has led to mostly simple drinks and not too many surprises. But this week? This week’s drink is a Wow.

We’ll start by revisiting Great-aunt Helen’s Chocolate Chip Yummies from last week. They were delightful and I was left with only a few broken cookies to pair with my drink.20180522_134857462886261.jpgAs mentioned in last week’s post, the cookies positively screamed for a cold glass of milk. I’d done milk cocktails here before, so wanted to step up my game and do something with a bit more panache. An Internet search for “milk cocktails” brought success as my first hit was lightening-bolt amazing: the Bushwacker.

This one was new to me, but The Spruce Eats comments immediately sold me on it.

The Bushwacker is a fun, indulgent smoothie that is a lot like a chocolate-flavored Pina Colada without the pineapple.

We’re not just talking chocolate either. No, this frozen cocktail is full of sweet stuff including delicious dark rum, the killer coffee taste of Kahlua, and captivating coconut. All of these elements mix with the creme de cacao for one of the best-blended drinks out there.

Did you catch that? ONE OF THE BEST BLENDED DRINKS OUT THERE. Let trumpets sound and angels sing. This is what I want to be drinking.

Recipes varied when I searched online, but I stuck with The Spruce Eats version as it was more simple than some. One-half ounce each dark creme de cacao, dark rum, and coffee liqueur plus one ounce each cream of coconut and milk. Blend all with a half-cup ice, then drizzle that cocktail glass with chocolate syrup and shazam! I added whipped cream because I could and the few broken cookie shards I had left begged to be sprinkled on top.20180522_121712127244593.jpgThis cocktail was amazing. It blew my mind with its perfect blend of sweet and creamy and thick. I loved it more than I have words to say how much I loved it.20180522_12171744016820.jpgYet this is only my opinion. I’ve found that building something up for others can lead to disappointment because they expect more than can be delivered. So I’ll back off and say it was good enough and leave you to decide for yourself. Should you already have these ingredients on hand, go ahead and mix up a Bushwacker as soon as possible. If you need to make a purchase or two, I’m betting it will be worth your while should you like creamy, sweet, boozy milkshakes.

Cheers to all and please return next week for a nostalgic rambling on whatever we find in Helen’s recipe box.20180522_1217081987130292.jpg

9 thoughts on “when the cookie crumbles…into your alcoholic milkshake

  1. I think you ought to call that Sin City, and I want to visit. How could anyone not like those ingredients? It’s like doing a Nestea Plunge into a delicious island dream.

    • Yes, Sin City indeed. You can bring it to your very own kitchen 🙂 I think there is a song about a delicious island dream – did Kenny Rogers write it? Jimmy Buffet?

    • YOW is a good way to put it, Kerry. Easy going down for sure. I had to stop after two (ok four) sips as it was daytime and I had to run my girls around that afternoon. Would be a fun party drink! Thank you for being here 🙂


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