Cocktail U

Please accompany on my mission as I learn how to craft a solid cocktail. Every other week, we’ll feature an adult beverage to accompany the preceding week’s Project Helen recipe.




12 thoughts on “Cocktail U

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  2. I love bourbon old fashioned’s, Liz! They are sweet and have quite a ‘punch’ to them, too. We have a place called Vito’s Wine Bar across the street from my apartments, kind of ‘kitty corner,’ but it has a downstairs bar called a “Bourbon Bar.” Once a week they have old fashioned’s and other blended drinks for $6. I do rarely like to spend that much out, but the taste of thier old fashioned drink is so delicious and well worth the price, since I will never buy all the ingredients needed. The extra cherry I ask for, really ‘builds’ the flavor, too.

    • Agreed that the old-fashioned is a perfect drink–bracing and sweet. A bourbon bar sounds fantastic. Am a big fan of the brown liquor. Would spend that much on a drink for a special occasion or going out with friends. Absolutely well worth the price. Though it’s fun to make them at home, too. Not too many ingredients needed. Thanks for your visits here 🙂

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