special ed.: funny names in food and super sweet

Food for fun is veering off schedule a bit to send out a Special Edition as it has two separate pieces of news, neither or which seemed to fit into regularly scheduled programming.

Piece of News #1: Many moons ago (ok, last January), the folks over at The Blog of Funny Names asked me to write the occasional guest post. Honored by the request from such a distinguished and talented bunch, I signed on. Note that I am not being even the slightest bit tongue-in-cheek when I say “distinguished and talented.” The blog’s creators are are bright (and hilarious) young men on ambitious career paths that include (but are not limited to) writing, filmmaking, medicine, entrepreneurial start-up, and law.

My initial draw to their blog was that it made me laugh and was completely unrelated to food. Anyone who has spent time at food for fun knows that working with and writing about food is my profession as well as my obsession. So it’s nice to have the occasional outlet that steers clear of all things edible. (The irony of my BoFN posts being food-related is not lost on me.) My first BoFN appearance was referred to in an earlier food for fun post (cornbread!) and today I link you to my latest on BoFN, where I introduce folks to savvy food businesswoman, Gesine-Bullock Prado. Would love it if you’d click over for a read, then (please) come back for Special Ed. part 2 🙂

Piece of News #2: The Perky Poppy Seed has honored food for fun with a nomination for a Super Sweet Blogger award. Thrilled, I must admit I am also at a bit of a loss when it comes to award nominations. They’re much-appreciated pats on the back from other like-minded bloggers and I love that someone enjoys food for fun enough to give me such a (sweet) shout-out. But nominating others always stumps me–not because there aren’t other deserving blogs out there, but because there are so many deserving blogs and they’ve already received the awards. What’s a stumped blogger to do?

In the interest of paying it forward, I do want to link you to a Baker’s Dozen of 13 (make that 15) blogs I enjoy. If you’re linked and want to make the Super Sweet award official, you can circle back to Perky’s post to put your plan in action. But there’s no obligation here–it’s just me telling others that I love what I’ve found in your space. (That said, it’s not an all-inclusive list. Just like all of you, my list of blogs enjoyed is seemingly endless and always growing.) A huge shout-out and thank you much to Perky Poppy Seed. If you’ve yet to visit her blog, you must head over. She even has a Foodie Movie page! Others for clicking…Seal_LLC (2)

And that, food for fun friends, completes this inaugural Special Edition. Thanks for coming by 🙂 You can now join the regularly scheduled programming already in progress…