the watermelon saga continues

It wasn’t too long ago that I was dealing with an overabundance of watermelon. Today, I came upon another way to enjoy this summertime favorite. Looking for Popsicles in the freezer, I spotted a bag of frozen watermelon cubes. How long they’d been there, I don’t know as I’m not good about dating frozen foods (though I know it’s smart to do so). But I figured it was time to move the watermelon out. My girls are fans of the slushies (slurpies?) sold at convenience stores; this frozen fruit was my ticket to a slushie/slurpie I could feel good about them drinking.

The frozen watermelon cubes went into a plastic pitcher along with lemon juice, water, and a handful of sugar. I used my stick blender (love love love my stick blender) to puree, then played with water, lemon juice, and sugar amounts until the flavors balanced. I liked it ok, though neither of my daughters was overly excited about it. The texture was there, but the flavor seemed a bit flat. I let it go and stuck the pitcher away in the freezer.

Later in the day, it hit me that lime juice was exactly what the watermelon puree needed. That extra layer of citrus really made a difference–the flavors were brilliant. I’d bet that this watermelon slush would make a most excellent adult beverage mixed with vodka, rum, or gin. Tonight we kept it kid-friendly, though, and beat the heat with watermelon slushies/slurpies that were so much more than colored sugar water.

watermelon slush