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Should you need a reason to throw a party next week, note that the Girl Scout organization turns 100 on March 12. This bit of trivia doesn’t exactly rock my world as my Brownie days are long behind me. But as mom to two scouts, today found me at the second largest shopping center in the United States with my girls. Also in attendance were seemingly most of the Girl Scouts of Minnesota along with their families. It was nuts with the crowds, but also a lot of fun with activities and the like. We didn’t spend much money (yay) and it was fun to run away from responsibilities at home for a bit. One of the biggest draws was the Girl Scout Shop, which was hosting a Cookie Booth. The line was out the door.

Cookies are where I was going with this as food is always my point. While Girl Scout cookies are lovely to munch on as-is, it’s fun to think of them as ingredients. Why not build a dessert on these humble cookies? Some ideas…

Crumble over ice cream for a sundae.

  • vanilla ice cream, Trefoils, honey, whipped cream
  • raspberry, strawberry, or lime sherbet, Savannah Smiles (lemon-y), fresh mint sprig
  • chocolate ice cream, Samoas®, mini marshmallows, caramel sauce
  • chocolate ice cream, Tagalongs®, chocolate sauce, crushed peanuts
  • vanilla ice cream, Do-Si-Dos®, butterscotch sauce, sunflower seeds
  • vanilla ice cream, Savannah Smiles, chocolate sauce

Layer with vanilla yogurt for a parfait. (Use Do-Si-Dos  and call it breakfast.)

Process with a bit of melted butter and sugar (not much) for a crumb crust.

  • Thin Mints for mint chip ice-cream pie
  • Trefoils for cheesecake or lemon bars
  • Thank U Berry Munch or Do-Si-Dos for oatmeal bars

Sandwich Dulce de Leches around layers of caramel and ice cream for a frozen treat. Roll in butter brickle bits for added crunch.

Crumble over pudding just before serving.

Replace graham crackers with Samoas or Trefoils for an updated s’more.

I understand that the type–and even name–of Girl Scout cookies available depend on where they are sold. I’ve included the cookies I know. You can learn more about all of the cookies on the Girl Scout Cookie website.

s’mores Samoa-style

ice cream sandwich with Girl Scout Trefoils and sprinkles

home alone

My kids and husband were gone at various activities tonight, which means I was home alone. This never happens. Ever. My afternoons are usually spent solo, but those are work hours, so I’m usually focused on whatever task is at hand. Having a few evening hours to myself was positively intoxicating. What to do? Cooking Channel (Unique Sweets marathon) and my laptop beckoned. I’d had supper before the family left, but watching shows devoted to dessert left me no other option than to have dessert myself.

Since it was just me, I was tempted to grab a box of Girl Scout cookies or an IKEA chocolate bar from the cupboard. But then I remembered advice I’d once gotten about treating yourself as well as you’d treat a loved one. Would I hand my daughter a box of Thin Mints and tell her to go at it? That in mind, I sliced a (healthy-size) wedge of Sticky Toffee Pudding onto a crystal plate. (Had made the cake over the weekend after receiving a surprise gift of fresh dates in the mail.)  I drizzled warm Brandy Caramel Sauce over the date-studded cake and finished it off with a shot of whipped cream from my cream whipper. (I love my cream whipper.) It was a lovely and satisfying treat on so many levels. I don’t imagine I’ll be Home Alone again anytime soon, but the next time it happens, I’ll know to take out the crystal plate and top it with something spectacular. Just for me.

Sticky Toffee Pudding for one!